I Decided to Add a Blog Page

I was excited to have my first ONE-PAGE website. But then I couldn’t stop myself from creating a few blogs for this website. Seemed appropriate to create a narrative that would illuminate our journey in developing this website and inform students how this was created.

Today, I decided to add a BLOG page. I added the link to the upper menu bar. I am trying to avoid creating blogs because I’m still a one-man operation, and I don’t have time for chatting.

SO my compromise is to work harder to avoid blog building on several other sites coming up…

This BLOG on www.ShaolinKungFuBeginner.com will be another informative lure to attract students to our free Shaolin Kung Fu classes. The quality of the videos is pretty poor in the first 50 videos shot at North Hollywood Park. But if we increased the quality and shot them indoors–it would be the same class. So the content will be attractive to those actually seeking this traditional Kung Fu.

Female students are our highest ranking students in Shaolin Chi Mantis. Although we do Pushing Hands and practice self-defense techniques–there is NO SPARRING in any of our schools at any time. Students have to sign a RELEASE FORM that requires them to promise not to spar while they are a student of Shaolin Chi Mantis. If you want sparring, just find another school.

I hope you enjoy our introductory classes. Our production values have improved as we continue to shoot the videos of this Shaolin Chi Mantis Beginner Program. Are you willing to practice what we teach? If you are, you’ll have a lot of fun.

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