Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner

An introduction to Traditional

Shaolin Buddhist Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is the original martial art (and its evolutions) from the Buddhist temple located on Song Mountain.  Because this temple was nicknamed, “Shaolin,” (which means “Young Forest”), the martial art that developed there became known as “Shaolin” style martial art.  

Bodhidharma is the founder of this Shaolin Kung Fu about 600 A.D.  He retired at this Shaolin Temple and became also the founder of Zen Buddhism.  In China it is still referred to as “Chan Buddhism” since the word, “Zen,” is the Japanese word for “Chan.”

Born Richard Del Connor February 4, 1954, Buddha Zhen graduated the Tai Mantis Federation in 1984 and was certified as a Chinese Jing Mo school by Grandmaster Wong Jack Man in 1994.

Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang
“Spirit Wolf of Truth”

SCHOOLS Using Book:
Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner

We build Buddhas
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First 1/2-Hour

  • SALUTE into class
  • Standing Yoga
  • Stance Walk
  • Square Walk
  • Basic Punches
  • Basic Kicks
  • 2-Minute WATER BREAK

Second 1/2-Hour

  • READ Tai Chi Beginner
  • Qigong
  • Combat Tai Chi
  • Yang Tai Chi Chuan
  • Rock Horse

3rd 1/2-Hour

  • READ: Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner
  • 12 Tantui
  • Luohan 1
  • Small Circular Fist
  • Lian Bu (Ling Po)

White Sash Belt Rank

Everyone starts as a WHITE SASH.  Your goal is to earn a GREEN STRIPE.  In the next 80 videos you will learn:


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All courses and videos on this website are FREE.
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(Quizzes are required to advance to your next lesson.)

We hope you will join the school… and pay for the rest of the semester… and get a Belt Test Graduation.

Shaolin Chi Mantis classes are created to be THREE classes per week.

Each semester can be completed in SIX months (with ONE year to complete each Belt Rank Level).


80 Videos


80 Videos

WHITE + 2 Green Stripes

80 Videos

All above plans plus WHITE + 3 GREEN STRIPES comprise the BEGINNER PROGRAM of Shaolin Chi Mantis.

5 Free Classes

Using the Lifter LMS Learning Management System,
Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE SCHOOL requires passing a quiz.
These free courses use this same software to provide you with a sample of the courses and how they are presented at:

Take the first free class: “FREE INTRO CLASS 1”

Everyone starts here.

If you want to continue create a STUDENT MEMBERSHIP.  This way you will have a DASHBOARD to keep track of your accomplishments and belt ranks…

This professional software for internet schools is wonderful for Shaolin Chi Mantis as it requires attendance and passing of a quiz in order to gain access to the next video.  

It is hoped that each student will participate enthusiastically with the video lessons featuring the founder of Shaolin Chi Mantis, Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang “Spirit Wolf of Truth” (Richard Del Connor).

Each class includes a bookwork section in which students would each read one paragraph then discuss it.  Developing the mind is equally as important as developing the body.

The QUIZ can be retaken several times if not passed.  Learn to be a good student.

FREE Intro Class 1

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Basic Kicking


Basic Punching


Kung Fu Basics

I am Shaolin

I have been Shaolin since 1980.  One of my best decisions.

Buddha Zhen

Founder of Shaolin Chi Mantis

Health Quote

“Don’t eat two hours before bedtime to avoid acid reflux.”

– Buddha Zhen

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