Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner Website Launch TODAY

I’ve tested the website to a limited extent. (I still need a new computer.) It’s for free, so this is my ‘test site’ for the actual Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE KWOON at

I’d appreciate your feedback. I am too busy to have ‘Comments’ on the website, so if you are appreciative and helpful you can contact me directly using the CONTACT FORM.

No need to complain about the noise in the videos… These were the best we could do at the time. Appreciate the end of my 35-year career teaching in parks from San Diego to Las Vegas. We are shooting the classes in our new (2020) Shaolin Chi Mantis KWOON (Chinese word for Kung Fu school).

SCM Online Kwoon
Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE KWOON

During the 1990s I was working with a lot of Chinese people in Utah. They taught me Mandarin Chinese. Now that I am back in California where everyone speaks Cantonese Chinese–it’s been weird for me. (I originally started in Cantonese myself as a student in California.)

I haven’t tested it, the word, “Kwoon.” We used the Mandarin “Guan,” in Utah. Now I’ve been using “School.” But the word, “Kwoon,” is growing on me. It creates a sense of identity more Shaolin than the word “School” does. Give me your feedback on this. THEN, give me your feedback again in ONE YEAR to see if your opinion has changed on the marketability of the word “Kwoon” for our school. We are the Lancaster Kwoon of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Kung Fu, Taoist Tai Chi Chuan & Confucian Strategy. (I used to use Mandarin words in the school name…)

Check out the PROMO Videos

There are FOUR videos shot at a park in Burbank. We chose that location specifically because it was much quieter than North Hollywood Park. We used this location the previous year to shoot an entire book of poetry, poem by poem, on the park bench directly behind the cameraman in these videos. They aren’t Kung Fu or Tai Chi Chuan videos–so you’ll need to visit the Richard Del Connor YouTube Channel for those.

Buddha Zhen Reads Tai Chi Beginner
BZ Reads Tai Chi Beginner

These PROMO VIDEOS and first 5 FREE Videos are hosted and available on our Shaolin Chi Mantis YouTube Channel. Check them out at YouTube/ShaolinChiMantis

Thank you for taking an interest in Shaolin Kung Fu. I’m certain that everyone who just takes these first five classes will learn something about their health and fitness.

IN FACT: I’m a 66-year old Shaolin Senior. Can you keep up with me? Hah! Maybe I should be less friendly and a little more aggressive? Try to keep with this senior citizen. How old are you? I’m actually the proof that doing Shaolin Kung Fu is good for you. I look younger than my brothers. Compare your physical fitness to mine by DOING THESE WORKOUTS WITH ME.

Competition is good when your objectives, attitude and intentions are good. Compete with yourself by determining whether you want to IMPROVE or stay the same.

Compete with this SHAOLIN KUNG FU BEGINNER PROGRAM to see what level of physical fitness you would like to maintain in your life.

Women Warriors

By the end of this Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner Program we will be doing footsweeps and 360 Jumping Crescent Kicks. Are you woman enough?

Yep. We don’t have sparring. So our highest ranking students are women.

Any males out there who want to be Shaolin Heroes?

See how far you can go at the Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE KWOON:

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