Almost Ready to Launch Website

I’ve been working on the videos at at the Shaolin Chi Mantis CHANNEL.

I’ve been designing the LMS Learning Management System software to release the videos sequentially. I’ve also put a QUIZ in each lesson. You have to PASS the QUIZ to get the next lesson. It requires 100% on the test.

I’ve made it so you can RETAKE THE QUIZ and there is a way for you to RETAKE THE CLASS also. This way the videos will be accessible to you out of order.

WHEN you PASS your QUIZ you have to WAIT ONE DAY for the next class. I’m still testing this software and right now, have many unanswered questions on how this will work. But it does work and I’ve taken the course on different computers. However, as I mentioned in a previous post; I need a new computer. This PC computer does not display the test questions properly–so my most recent quizzes have not been tested by me yet.

My hope is that the “1-Day Drip Setting” that delays your next class availability will inspire and motivate students to practice a day without me, or retake the class they just passed.

I’ve been teaching this Shaolin Kung Fu since 1984, but this ONLINE TEACHING experience is new to me. I would appreciate feedback. Keep me posted of your progress. I’ve got to design “SUPPORT SERVICE of SHAOLIN DIGITAL” to be able to communicate and address the needs and concerns of my new-to-be ONLINE Shaolin students. And I’ve got to do it all by myself while still building the other websites, teaching, filming, editing, writing, performing… I have such a wonderful life! It’s just a little too wonderful?

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