What is Shaolin Kung Fu?

Try some FREE Shaolin Kung Fu Classes

Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Kung Fu & Taoist Tai Chi Chuan has created this website, www.ShaolinKungFuBeginner.com to provide an opportunity for people to sample and tryout a Shaolin Kung Fu class.  There aren’t many Shaolin Kung Fu classes because there are not very many Shaolin Shifu in America.  So there are not very many Shaolin schools anywhere.

So here’s a chance to try our Shaolin Kung Fu workout developed by founder Richard Del Connor “Zhen Shen-Lang” (Spirit Wolf of Truth).  This workout routine is a combination of workouts, and yoga that Richard “Buddha Zhen” learned and taught in the 1980s.  This first batch of FREE CLASSES were shot in North Hollywood Park in 720p and noisy surroundings.  These are unedited class videos with no noise reduction, color correction or editing.  One of Buddha Zhen’s students worked hard in cold and hot weather to shoot the first 50 of these videos and we need to be thankful that these videos contain valuable content rather than quality production.

In 2020 Buddha Zhen (pronounced “Jen”) established his new Shaolin Temple Kung Fu school in Lancaster, California.  An iPhone 11 Pro Max has improved our production values and we’re indoors.

So enjoy some park videos.  The greens of the trees and blues of the sky aren’t in our new school… but there’s lots of weapons on the walls!

SCM Online Kwoon
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