How To Register for FREE CLASSES

I’m still figuring this website and the software out.

This is my “Coyote” identity.

I created a new name with another email address and enrolled here.

I discovered that you don’t select/purchase/buy… the free course, “VISITOR COURSE.”

You get the “VISITOR MEMBERSHIP” first.

Then, you go select the “Visitor COURSE” and you begin.

Same Software as SCM ONLINE KWOON

What is really cool is that I’ve set this little FREE WEBSITE up the same as the ONLINE KWOON. So this will give you a representation of the “real classes” at of Shaolin Chi Mantis.

When you click on the the second video, before taking the first video, it informs you that you have to take the other class first.

That is so cool. Now you not only get the classes in proper order–but you know you’re not missing out on any lessons.

Consistency. That is awesome.

It appears to be working.

I don’t like the MENU in the top of the page. I will be altering it more. I mean, “improving it more…”

How To Register for FREE Classes

  1. Get a “MEMBERSHIP” for yourself.
  2. Then “JOIN” the “Visitor Course” in the “COURSES” page. (It’s the only one right now.)
  3. Now start your FIRST VIDEO and PRACTICE ALONG with Buddha Zhen.
  4. PASS the QUIZ which may include questions like, “Did you do the Kicking Exercises with Buddha Zhen?”
    • If you answer “No” you can’t pass and get the next video.
    • So do the video AGAIN and this time do all the requirements.
    • PASS the QUIZ
  5. Now click on the “GO TO NEXT VIDEO” link.
  6. Repeat the above making sure to participate and retake the class if necessary to pass the quiz.
  7. When you’ve completed ALL 5 VIDEOS send me a letter. I’d love to hear from you. You can supply much needed feedback also as I figure this website out.
  8. TAKE the classes AGAIN or sign up for the entire WHITE SASH BELT RANK LEVEL at Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE KWOON.

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