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Here are some of the first videos of the actual Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE Kwoon (Chinese word for Kung Fu school). These are offered FOR FREE for the public’s enlightenment of what Shaolin Kung Fu is. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for persons interested to know what Shaolin Kung Fu is — to sample and enjoy our Shaolin Kung Fu lifestyle. This Shaolin Kung Fu Beginner website will provide a unique and rare opportunity to PARTICIPATE in a Traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu class.

We are offering much more than a workout. Shaolin is a way of life. But we don’t want people to fail either, so in the least — persons who would not be able to graduate our first belt rank level in an actual class — can get a brief Kung Fu primer… sample… wherever you are.

Add any of these Shaolin physical/intellectual/spiritual concepts to your life and it will improve!

Course Instructor

Richard Richard Author
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