Can You Do It?

How did you do?

It’s okay if you didn’t make it. No, actually it’s not. This is a pretty basic workout. My daughter could teach the first half-hour of the class when she was five years old. I can still remember… It made me very proud to see her at the Unitarian Church classes of Shaolin Chi Mantis. The Church was a couple blocks up the hill from where we lived in Salt Lake City, Utah.

So, any healthy five year old should be able to do this workout.

My oldest student was 74 years old and she did almost everything. But not quite.

So let’s say 65? I’ve been doing Kung Fu for forty years so I’m not a typical sample? If someone played soccer two or three times a week, they’d be in about the same shape as me. Maybe better. Do 65 year old men and women play soccer? They usually looked younger to me.

So. let’s say 55. So anyone from five to fifty-five should be able to do this workout of Shaolin Chi Mantis.

There. Does that inspire you?

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